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Mike Stacy is an experienced attorney in a wide variety of legal areas.

His practice is concentrated in the areas of Workers’ CompensationPersonal Injury, and Social Security.  In contrast to other firms that practice in these areas, Mike has actually tried lawsuits not just to Administrative Law Judges, but also in State Supreme, County Court, and City Court.

Mike started his career in 1993 working for the Personal Injury law firm of Moran and Kufta.  He learned the ropes from a seasoned litigator and then started his own practice three years later.  While Mike lost the very first jury trial he ever tried, he learned a lot from that.  Before you hire an attorney, ask them if they ever tried a case or if they ever lost a case.  If they have not, they might not have enough experience or they are taking nothing but easy, slam-dunk cases and shying away from the tough fight.

Mike’s experience taught him a lot about trial preparation.

A lawyer’s past results are not an indication or guarantee of possible results in your case,  no more than a doctor’s past results of a surgery he performed would be an indication of anticipated results in healthcare.  However, since starting his own practice  he has obtained the following results for his clients:

  • $415,0000 gross settlement and partial waiver of his compensation case for a construction worker who fell from a moving truck;
  • $411,487 gross settlement including full waiver of compensation lien for a School Bus driver with preexisting conditions struck head-on by a distracted driver;
  • $275,000 gross settlement and partial waiver of a construction worker struck in the head by a dump truck tailgate;
  • $240,000 for a construction worker severely burned while cutting into ductwork containing explosive chemicals;
  • $185,000 for a Vaccine Claim in Federal Vaccine Court for a woman who contracted Gullian Barre Syndrome following a Flu Shot;
  • $100,000 (Policy Limits) for a Commercial Trucker who fractured his wrist hit head-on by a DUI driver ;
  • $100,000 (Policy Limits) for a commercial garbage truck driver struck driver side causing fractures to his knee and nose;
  • $100,000  (Policy Limits) for a driver T-boned at an intersection in Webster, NY

Mike deliberately keeps his personal injury practice small, only taking a few cases at a time, in order to give each case the appropriate time and attention it deserves and needs.  All consultations are free and Mike often advances the cost of litigation.  If you have a Social Security Case or Workers’ Compensation claim that is associated with your personal injury claim, he will handle all three.  If you have a No-fault Arbitration case, he will handle that too.

One lawyer working and coordinating all of your issues.  It makes your life simpler that way.