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Social Security Disability

Mike's experience with Social Security Disability started in Law School while clerking for Magistrate Judge James S. Gallas in Federal District Court of North East Ohio.   As a law clerk, he reviewed appeals to Federal Court from denials made by the Social Security Administration and assisted in drafting decions by the Magistrate Judge.


In the early days of his solo practice, he took pro-bono SSI cases through the Volunteer Legal Services Project (VLSP).   SSI cases are typically "welfare" claims for people with disabilities who have not worked enough to pay into the Federal Disability program...Social Security Disability Benefits.   


Mike offers a full service Social Security practice.  He represents Claimant's from start to finish.  At the application stage if you need it and all the way up to Federal Court Appeals.  He is admitted in the Western NY Federal District Court. 

He has won several notable cases on appeal to Federal District Court in recent years.:


There are many Law Firms holding themselves out as Social Security Specialists but often times, the person handling  your case is not a lawyer at all.   Instead it is a paralegal who is not a lawyer.  Other times, you may get a lawyer to handle your case but he or she is either not admitted in Federal Court or not willing to take the case to Federal Court.


Not all SSD cases are winners.  Some cases are not winnable.  Other cases should be won and still get denied.  If that is the case, you need a lawyer who will take it the distance. 



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